Driveability Problems

Problems associated with your Volvo’s driveability include:

• The cars steering pulls to the left or right.
• The car vibrates during braking
• The car feels unstable over bumps
• The car slides in corners
• The car surges, coughs or misses under acceleration
• The engine stalls at the traffic lights or mid-corner
• The car seems to wander across the road

All of these symptoms are a sign that parts of the suspension, steering or brakes have badly worn and need replacement as soon as possible.

As well as being alert to the challenges of driving on today’s busy roads (and avoiding speed cameras) motorists must always be alert to noises, vibrations and visual indications that may be an early warning to a part failure.

Naturally take notice of your dashboard warning signals but always watch out for:

Noises: Rattles or knocking under the car can be a sign of worn shock absorbers or suspension rubbers. This can result in poor handling, uneven braking and potentially an accident.
Hissing noises could indicate a coolant hose failure. Squeaks can suggest excessive brake pad wear. A more obvious problem could be a noisy exhaust caused by a faulty muffler or corroded exhaust pipes. This should be dealt with promptly as it could cause poisonous exhaust gases to enter the car.

Vibrations or shaking: These can be caused by pending tyre failure, tyres and wheels out of balance, tailshaft and universal joint failure, worn wheel bearings, worn suspension bushes or worn brake discs.
What ever the cause, vibrations can signify a potentially serious fault so we highly recommend you call Berry Motor Group immediately to correct the issue before it becomes more serious.

Visual indications: Apart from warning lights on the dashboard, look out for steam or smoke coming from around the bonnet, smoke coming from under the car or the exhaust pipe (note white smoke means oil is being burnt, black or dark grey smoke signifies a rich fuel mixture). Another telltale sign is fluid pooling under a car. This could be water, engine oil or transmission fluid. Again, do not ignore this or it could result in premature engine or transmission failure.