Polestar is not unlike the relationship between HSV and Holden, or AMG and Mercedes Benz (before Mercedes bought the AMG company).Polestar Racing is the official Volvo factory racing team, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, currently competing in the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC). They now have 2 divisions, Volvo Racing and Volvo Performance.The racing division has been very successful winning the double title in the 2013 Scandinavian Touring Car Championship with Thed Björk as drivers’ champion and Volvo as manufacturers’ champions.Now we get a chance to see the Polestar S60 from their performance division on Australian roads. How does 257kW/500+Nm and 0-100km/h in 4.9 grab you? The Polestar achieves its great performance and traction with the help of a turbo straight 6 and Haldex 4WD. The Motor Report (TMR) describes the performance as “the AWD Polestar is astonishingly quick on a winding road, mostly for the way it gets out of a corner, and points with sublime chassis balance. Importantly, on even the worst of the tarmac roads we encountered, you would never have described the ride as uncomfortable”. TMR also stated “On road, it’s a scythe. Put it on a racetrack and its ‘alive’ chassis balance, adjustable suspension and AWD grip – not to mention the 500Nm straining at the leash – will see you posting some truly serious lap times”. There are only 50 allocated for the Australian market so grab a cool $109,950 and get down to your Volvo dealer…quick. For more details http://www.themotorreport.com.au/56783/2013-volvo-s60-polestar-australian-road-test-review